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We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing service, remodel & maintenance work. We are committed to providing you with everything you need.
James & Sons Plumber Scottsdale AZ

Full-Service Plumbers in Scottsdale, AZ

Our plumbing installations, repairs, and replacements are done in such a way as to ensure optimal functioning and prevent potential costly damages.

Clogged Drain Or Broken Faucet

A clogged Drain Or Broken Faucet slows your business down. We offer faucet, toilet, and urinal repair & replacement.

Indoor And Outdoor Leaks

We’re dedicated to offering a higher level of service to find any type of Indoor And Outdoor Leaks.

Piping & Repiping

Our expert will repair your broken pipes within no time. And give free, honest estimates for plumbing services.

Services Offered

We offer many services, depending on the type of plumbing problem you have. We specialize in many plumbing services like installing new plumbing systems in your home, repairing or replacing existing systems, and several other things. To give you a better idea, we have listed the services that we offer to our customers.

  • Products Installation: It is no exaggeration to say that plumber specializes in installing every plumbing product. It will not matter if you want to install a tap or even a heater because we are always happy to do that for you. When it comes to installation, every product needs to be installed properly for better functioning, and we can do that for you. 

Drain Cleaning: It is a procedure performed to unclog and clean drains. Different types of drain cleaners can be used depending on the type of clogs and severity of the problem.

Highly Trained Technicians

Expert plumbing believes that customers deserve not only professional and courteous service.

Leak Detection

Sewer Line Repair

Gas Line Repair

Waste Trap Repair

Highly Trained Technicians

Expert plumbing believes that customers deserve not only professional and courteous service.

    • Garbage Disposal Installation: Garbage disposals are one of the most needed appliances in the kitchen. It helps in reducing the amount of food waste that goes into landfills. It also makes cooking a lot easier.
    • Repairing: whenever we get a call regarding a plumbing issue, most of the time, it is about fixing an already installed product, a pipe, or even a toilet. The truth is that repairing is essential, and you need someone with years of experience repairing products, like us. 
    • Pipe Cleaning: If you ever need someone professional and knowledgeable who can come to your place to clean all the pipes in your house or your office, then we are just one phone call away. 
    • Leak Detection: One of the biggest problems with bathroom or kitchen leak is that they often go unnoticed. People often find out about the leakage when it is too late, and they fail to do anything to prevent a replacement. However, our plumbers can easily detect if there is a leak, and the leak must be identified at the earliest so that we can fix it.